It’s time to delve a bit more into technical aspects.
In the previous blog entry, we have already explained that the vests in which the players run are used to attach the sensor to the athlete’s body. This time we will go a step further and focus on the sensors themselves.

GPS sensors
The most popular solution on the market is based on the GPS system, so determining the position of the player, as well as changing this position in time, based on the signal coming from the satellite. This method allows to calculate the distance covered. After adding the time function to a distance, it is possible to calculate the speed at which the player moves. This solution works only in the open air, because it requires constant connection of the sensor with satellites in orbit.

Heart Sensor
Another element, that can be hidden in such a vest is the heart sensor. The most popular solution is a rubber strap, and the sensor itself is located on the front of the chest. The data from these 2 sensors are then processed in one report, and the trainer can evaluate both parameters related to the velocity distance as well as the parameters of the heart rhythm. Professional solutions have a heart sensor integrated in one place.

Accelerometer & Magnetometer & Gyroscope
The third group of sensors used to measure a player’s movement is the whole group of them. All 3 sensors cooperate with each other and with great sensitivity determine each change in the position of the player. Only few solutions offer this technology. Advanced analysis based on these parameters is able to draw the exact body balance of each player. However, surgical precision also requires considerable skills on the side of the trainer to properly assess individual parameters.

LUDMO solution
Dear Coach, do you know, that the LUDMO solution offers all the above parameters of the player’s motion analysis. However, unlike professional equipment, reserved for rich clubs, it is for every budget. As well as meets the requirements of FIFA and can be used even during the match. For only 9EUR a month, you can professionally supervise the development of your players. More information available on the service description page:

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