What’s the deal with these black vests?

Watching the latest preparations of the Polish team for the upcoming world championships, players in black vests are very often seen. This begs the question why players put on such “funny bras” and what function they perform.

The above photograph reveals the secret of these vests a bit. When we look at the back of the player, a small rectangular outline is visible. In this place there is a sensor monitoring the player’s movements. Based on data from such a sensor, professional teams evaluate their players. Technology is creeping into further areas of our lives. Football, or even sport in general, is not an exception in this respect. The use of specialized sensors to measure players is a natural development based on newer technologies. Once the basis for the assessment of each player was a stopwatch and tender eye of the trainer. The trainer’s instinct can never be ruled out, but it is also not the goal of new technologies. However, playing for a high stakes, when even the smallest detail can decide on victory, even the best eye of the trainer may need support in order to make an objective assessment.

Why the vest??

The following frame from the series “Startrek” theoretically shows, that the sensor placed on the back is a good solution even in the distant future of 2255. However, looking seriously at the reason for the use of vests is the simplicity of the solution. Well, the vest allows you to place the sensor on the back of the player, it is an optimal position due to many reasons. Of course, the main advantage is, that it does not bother and creates the least risk to the player for potential injuries. However, from the point of view of the player’s own measurement of movement, the position on the back, in the axis of the body, allows to collect the maximum amount of data in relation to the number of sensors used. Of course, you can put more sensors on the player’s body. Such solutions are used mainly in medicine. However, on the football field, one sensor is the preferred solution for professionals, as well as, the solution allowed by FIFA regulations.

The answer to the question: what data is collected, soon.

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