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LUDMO in Podbeskidzie – a club from the 1st League in Poland

Podbeskidzie is the first club to sign a contract with LUDMO, a provider of the player movement analysis system.

Thanks to the partnership agreement, the training staff will use devices that analyze the players’ behavior during training and game in detail, more about it explains Krystian Duława, co-founder of LUDMO and the CEO of the company: Our product has been tested in over 100 clubs last year. We thank all those coaches for the support. I am very pleased that Podbeskidzie is the first club that has decided to sign a contract with us and fully use our product. I am especially happy that I come from Skoczów and regional sympathy is always on the side of Podbeskidzie.

How will the LUDMO products help Podbeskidzie?
This is a tool, that will allow us to carefully look at the work done by the team. It gives the coaching staff many opportunities not only to control the player’s activity, but also after analyzing the reports, adjusting the training to the individual needs of each of them – says Andrzej Rybarski, sports director of Podbeskidzie.

We now feel part of the team and we will support it in further cooperation. I hope that we will help the trainer and the team in future successes – concludes Krystian Duława.

The LUDMO mobile application, was awarded with the title of Startup of the year 2017 in the Silesian Voivodeship.

The basis for the operation of tools reporting traffic parameters of LUDMO athletes are mobile phones. The GPS module and accelerometer, which are built-in as standard with commercially available telephones, allow the player to reflect the player’s behavior with the appropriate software. We are still working on expanding individual elements. In the coming weeks, more and more elements will appear. However, at this time, we collect all data, so when you add a new report, you can also check historical data.

We talked to Krystian Duława about the innovation and practical application of LUDMO:

Where did the idea for such a business come from and why do you think your product is attractive?

We noticed that professional sport is interested in measuring the performance of players, but as for our realities this equipment is often unattainable due to the very high cost. Not many football clubs could afford it, but everyone has aspirations and wants to grow. That’s why we’ve found a way to get the same tools that competitors from Ireland or Australia offer, because from there are the biggest giants in this market, but for a decidedly lower price. Instead of an expensive GPS sensor, we use standard telephones where the same sensors are installed and the difference lies solely in the housing.

What data can be extracted from the system?

We are still working on expanding the number of statistical reports, at the moment we offer basic data, ie where the player was running and how he moved. We now have a complete GPS analysis for one player where we read his speed, distances traveled and related reports, but also a statistical analysis of a given player’s change over time. You can compare any 2 players with each other. There is also a ready module comparing the whole team in one place. .

You spoke about tests – what did you learn during these trials with active athletes?

We have drawn from these tests a set of data most needed in the work of trainers, so that the most important information is easily available, accessible in the analysis by the trainers. We can do even more than 200 reports, with the ratio of the athlete’s speed to the length of his foot inclusive, but the question is whether it will do anything, or whether it will improve the quality of the training. Of course not. We also know that not every club has a dedicated staff to compile statistics, there are clubs in which this work will be done by a coach and we also want to save his or her time, so we designed a number of the most important information available during the tests.

Did you have a plan right away to cooperate with football clubs?

We started with a view to analyzing the movement during the youth classes, there it is important to correct the attitude, eliminate basic mistakes. This is not done by other devices, but we are able to accurately assess whether the player maintains the right attitude and develops in a proper way. In addition, our system allows the trainer to check whether the competitor properly performed the exercise, and completed the training targets =. It is also useful especially during classes with young players, when the trainer has 20-30 competitors on his head and is not able to see details during the classes, but later in the statistical report some elements are clearly noticeable.

What does the player’s movement analysis equipment look like and how do you use it?

We have a smartphone, or even a normal phone with the application, after starting, put it in a special vest and you can start training, after which data is sent to the server, where the trainer can access them in the form of various reports after logging in. The vest itself is comfortable and the phone is on the back, between the shoulder blades, so it does not bother the player in moving on the pitch.

Who can be the recipient of your product?

Our offer can even reach clubs from lower leagues, because even older phones or private players can be used, although we have a whole set of devices on offer, and it will be used by Podbeskidzie.

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