Dear Trainers and Ladies Trainers,

Our IT team has spent the last months of development work to add many improvements and additional elements from the new season. However, the reality of recent weeks has changed all plans. Canceled meetings, suspended league games, and general uncertainty as to how long it will all last do not affect anyone well, in particular not the players’ form and physical preparation.

At the outset, I would like to point out that we explicitly encourage everyone to strictly follow all the authorities’ recommendations. In particular, limit contacts with others, keep a safe distance, and stay indoors whenever possible. These guidelines may change in the near future, so you should follow the media and state communications. Always remember that your health and your loved ones are now in your hands.

Having said that, we inform you that we have added the option of remote monitoring of players. So far, we’ve focused on monitoring the players’ work on the field. In the new realities, we focus on individual monitoring. A competitor performing running exercises in a park, forest or other isolated place can use the LUDMO application to collect data and then send it to the trainer for inspection. The trainer is able to remotely assess the work done, set new goals or set a detailed task plan. It is up to the trainer to adjust the tasks to the needs of the player, whether it will be building / maintaining endurance and running over longer distances, or working at high speed intervals.

The newly added INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE (more info HERE) allows you to quickly start remote work with minimal costs. It should be noted that in the case of individual classes, the phone with the application may be in the player’s pocket or in a simple armband. The vest that positions the phone on the player’s back is only required in match conditions to meet FIFA standards regarding player safety.

Effectively, the trainer can easily supervise players remotely, even when they are not directly scattered around their homes.

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