General regulation on data protection (GDPR, RODO) – EU regulation containing provisions on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and provisions on the free flow of personal data.

How do we process personal data?

LUDMO S.A. acting in accordance with applicable regulations, he is the administrator of personal data of his clients. This fact means that we take responsibility for their safe use in accordance with the scope of contracts and regulations.


Why do we use customer personal data?

Customers’ personal data obtained at the time of signing the contract and during its term are used for the following purposes:
– entering into and performing the obligations arising from the contract in a proper and correct manner, during its duration and until its settlement
– activities in accordance with the applicable legal principles in the scope related to invoicing of services provided, correct settlement of complaints, as well as in accordance with the principles of telecommunications law. The use of customers’ personal data takes place at the time of the contract, but also within the time period provided for by the law after its completion, as well as until the legitimate interest of the company to process them due to the risk of sanctions by state offices.
– the provision of services in a correct manner, as well as supervision of frauds to protect and support clients in the event of technical problems
– direct communication with the client as well as informing him about changes and improvements implemented to the LUDMO services
– preparation of reports, statistics as well as summaries of individual players’ results, and comparing them with each other, being the basis for the scope of the company’s services
– assessment of the client’s payment condition

What data do we require?

The mandatory data to be provided during registration as well as when using LUDMO services has been marked with fields with an asterisk “*”. We only require data that is necessary for the proper conclusion and performance of the contract. Fields not marked with an asterisk “*” are not mandatory, and thus the customer voluntarily gives them.

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored inside the European Economic Area (includes EU countries, Norway Lichtenstein and Iceland). At the moment, we do not plan to transfer data outside this area.

Location and telemetric data

By using LUDMO services, the customer makes the localization and telemetry data available to him or his competitors to be processed and visualized in the form of reports. This operation is the basis of the LUDMO service.
The location and telemetric data of users are processed only for the purpose of sports analysis of the player’s behavior during the game, training or other physical activity being the subject of the coach’s assessment of the given team.

Data from external sensors

Data from external sensors, such as, for example, a heart sensor can complement location and telemetry data. Data of this type are collected voluntarily by the client. In case of doubts, the client is required to obtain permission to collect these data about the player. LUDMO does not use data that can be classified as medical, or determine the health of the athlete for telemedicine purposes. LUDMO only processes the received data in order to present them in the form of basic reports visualizing the relevant parameters. The analysis and interpretation of data results from external sensors lies on the client’s side.

Customer rights

The customer has the right to submit an application in order to: improve the data; delete data; restrictions on data processing; access to collected data;

The right to object

The customer has the right at any time to oppose the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, related to informing him by the LUDMO service provider about new solutions and services. In justified situations, the customer has the right to object to the processing of personal data also in other cases. After considering such a request, these activities will be discontinued.


In cases where the processing of customer personal data is not required due to applicable law, nor does it fall within the legitimate interests of the service provider, appropriate customer consent will be required. The appropriate message will be presented to the client in a form that allows you to read its contents. Consent will be recorded in our system. The customer may withdraw such consent at any time, and the service provider will also notice such a decision and adjust the scope of services accordingly.


The customer has the right to lodge a complaint to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection if he / she is convinced that the processing of the client’s personal data by LUDMO is unlawful.

Supplementary information about personal data.

Changing law regulations may cause that there will be no ways to use personal customers’ data in this document. If this situation arises, an appropriate change to this documentation will be made and published. Until then, the current version of the document applies.
As of: 12/11/2019

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