Hello, after a small break, very warmly.
A small slip that we encountered on our way is just hard work on refining the new application.

Testing our solution from last year, they saw that the previous version had its weaknesses. However, thanks to your input, feedback, comments and suggestions that we were able to collect, we knew what to improve. Thank you to everyone who got involved in our project. We remember about you and we plan to reward it. More soon in this topic.

So we spent the last months preparing a completely new mobile application. The main difference from the previous release is the change in the approach to data synchronization with the server. So far, after the end of the session, the trainer had to manually send data from each phone individually. At the end of this tedious process, the data had to be removed from the phone, otherwise the data would clog up the phone over time.

The new application after the initial configuration and setting of the WiFi network does it all alone. When the phone is within range of the local network, the data is sent automatically and deleted from the phone when the server confirms the entry of correct data.

We encourage you to try the latest version and to find out how simple it is now. Just go to the link below

This is the version for the Android operating system. The version for IOS and Apple phones will appear soon.

The following link leads to the instruction manual of the new version of the mobile application:

An important addition to the new version of the application is the ability to integrate with an external heart sensor via Bluetooth.

Feel free to contact us – We are waiting for your opinions and, as always, valuable comments.

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