The following link leads to blog created by Mr. Grzegorz Buchalik, an columnist at the polish daily newspaper “Dziennik Zachodni”.
The article mentions LUDMO together with CHALISO, as the new technology applications for football both coming from the region of Silesia.
However the best thing about this news is, that the whole text has not been written in the official Polish language, but in the local Silesian dialect.
Due to the respect to the work of the author we will not translate it, as it would loose the flavor!

Author: Grzegorz Buchalik Dziennik Zachodni
#GrzegorzBuchalik, #DziennikZachodni, #Chaliso, #Ludmocom, #ŚlonskiFusbal

Ludmo, Chaliso – ślōnski patynty na eksport

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