Dear Trainers and Ladies Trainers,

In response to the current situation related to the epidemiological threat and the ban on group sports activities, we are launching an individual package.

In contrast to the packages offered so far aimed at teams regularly exercising in clubs. The new package allows individual monitoring of the player’s work both by the player himself and also remotely by the leading trainer.

It is enough for a competitor to register on our platform, download the application on his phone, and during running exercises outside the phone he will have the application with him turned on.

The monthly subscription is PLN 15, which the player pays. The leading trainer, however, when invited by a player to his profile gains free insight into individual training data.

For the duration of the epidemic, when classes are not held at the stadium or in match conditions, a telephone vest is not required. It’s enough that the phone is in your pocket or in a simple band on the player’s forearm. In this way, no additional costs arise, and you can start training the same day.

In particular, however, we pay attention and ask you to maintain safety rules and comply with applicable orders.

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