Frequently Asked Questions

What is LUDMO?

LUDMO is a shortcut from Ludius Motus – translating from Latin – “player movement”. As a project we offer professional player telemetry analytic at affordable prices.

How does LUDMO work?

LUDMO relies on standard mobile phones and the inbuilt sensors. Captured data is later transmitted to our server and analyzed.

How does the data capturing work?

We use 2 types of sensors. The first is the GPS sensor allowing to determine the speed and the covered distance. The second is the accelerometer, allowing to capture the acceleration and de-acceleration.

When telemetry data is collected?

Data is collected and saved only when the user logs into the user account and starts the session. When the STOP button is pressed, the session is terminated. From then on, the phone no longer collects any data.

What kind of statistics will the coach receive?

With the GPS module we extract the maximum and average speed of the player from each session. In addition, the distance and position of the player on the field in graphical form as a heat map.

Is it possible to monitor the player development over time?

The main advantage of our solution is to aggregate data and combine the results of individual sessions over time. As the session progresses, the coach receives a more accurate picture of the athlete.

It is possible to compare players within the team?

The coach has access to a platform, that allows to compare the results of the players of a given team and compare them with each other.

What additional comparative options are available?

In a later version, each player will be able to compare his results, not only with his teammates, but also with other players in his age range.

How works the comparisons within a given age range?

The results of the players are stripped of their identifiers. The system converts the values of a given group, averages them, and renders such data back to everyone on equal terms.

What phone is required?

The software is currently running on any smartphone with Android 4.0 or higher. We are working on upgrading software for IOS.

What data is shared?

We place the privacy policy on the highest place and we treat it very seriously. Therefore, only the coach of a given team has a full view and can compare individual players. Players will only see their own results and receive their own position in relation to other team members given in percentages.

Do you need a telephone harness?

GPS data does not require a harness. The phone can even be in the player’s pocket. However if you also want to get data from an accelerometer, you need to use the special shirt with a telephone slot and the phone must be on the back of the competitor.

What vest to use and why?

We offer unisex t-shirts in different sizes with a special pocket for your mobile device. In our blog we have dedicated one entry explaining all related issues.

Is the SIM card required in the phone?

LUDMO software does not require a sim card in the phone. All player movement data is collected independently of the operator’s plan. At the end of the session, data can be transferred to the server when the phone is within range of WIFI.

What costs are incurred when using the application?

LUDMO software does not generate costs for mobile operators. All data is collected independently and transmitted when the phone connects to the WIFI network.

Must the phone be new?

Our goal is to maximize cost savings for you. We strongly recommend using old phones. The screen can even be shattered. It is important that the phone works. Installing and checking if your device is up to date, does not generate any cost. You can then take out the old phone from the drawer and see if it works, if not you check another one.