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Player monitoring – help or additional work for the trainer?

To be a football (soccer) coach is not a job, it’s a mission. No matter the size of the club, the drive for improvement has to be always the key goal. Thanks to technology and sensors like GPS, it is possible to look more closely in the details and work on them. The time devoted to combine telemetric data with the training process, is an investment in our players and alow then to get to the next level.

Evolution of football – where it is heading and what role plays the technology ?

Football is a complicated sport in terms of kinematic analysis. Without specialized equipment, that will allow us to specify the values ​​of each player, there is no question of its long-term development or effective preparation for the season.

How does player monitoring affect motivation?

External motivation, which is the measurement of the intensity of the work of our player is very visible in his involvement in classes. The awareness of the device that measures every move is motivating for the player.

Is it worth implementing LUDMO solutions for the training cycle?

The volume and intensity of the training means shows the trainer what character the training unit has. The nature of training units in a weekly microcycle shows what character the training microcycle has. The microcycl system in mesocycle will affect the period in which our team is located. In summary, without an objective assessment of the relationship between work and leisure, as well as intensity and stamina, we are not able to effectively manage the physical preparation of the players.

Is the implementation of the LUDMO system complicated?

If you can write in Word, then Ludmo will not cause you any problems.

Is it worth monitoring progress in training?

The effect of our work as trainers depends on the team’s progress. Of course, in the case of senior football, it is a sports result. The win is the closer we are to the more influence we have on the training process. And training properly monitored and planned will be much more effective than the subject assessed by the trainer.

In youth football the awareness of the improvement of own results by the players and the real picture of the value of training monitored by the trainer is the key to the long-term development of the athlete.

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