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Vest for positioning the phone on the back of a player.

The only additional element of equipment required to fully use the potential of LUDMO tools is a vest. This tailor-made piece of material also allows you to wear your phone during official games. All you need is a phone that is in the drawer so that without any additional costs every player can be monitored.

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Create a team and invite your players. Each of them for only EUR 4 will have the opportunity to monitor their progress. As a trainer you get free access to data and you will be able to actively manage the development of your mentees.

Individual reports

Individual reports for the football coach allow the assessment of individual players and their development over time. Each report presents a specific training or match of a given player. The most important data were collected in one place and presented graphically in a legible manner.


Key parameters such as the average and maximum speed of the player are clearly displayed in the report.

Heat map

The player's position during training, and in particular during matches played on the pitch, graphically facilitated the understanding of the player's role.

Speed graph

Changes in the player's speed over time in graphical form are the pillar of the analysis made by the trainer.



The key element determining the work that the player did, was specified so that the trainer could assess the training at first sight.


A pie chart of the distance covered in the designated speed range is another element that shows the intensity of the player's work.

5 minutes measure

The distance covered by a player during a given activity, within a 5-minute interval, allows you to observe trends in motor intensity.

The statistical report allows you to assess the change in player activity over time. The player's historical data summary in one place facilitates the assessment of a player's long-term change.

Average Maximum Speed

The average of the highest player speeds achieved during individual sessions counted and visible in one place.

Intensity graph for multiple sessions

The work performed in the intensity ranges presented in a circular form for a given workout has been processed into a line graph to reflect a larger number of historical sessions.


Average values of key data

Key data from individual reports were averaged and presented as a single result.

Column charts

In addition, graphs of other historical data are presented in graphical form.

Comparison of 2 players in the basic version allows you to quickly assess team members.

Any 2 players

Quick comparison of 2 selected players.

Heat map

A graphical comparison of players' positions on the pitch, in a set of 2 heat maps directly next to each other.

Speed graph

A bar graph of speed indicates which of the competitors was faster.


Any 2 sessions

The freedom to choose a session allows you to compare different sessions. When choosing one player in both fields, you can compare his individual sessions to each other.


The distance in the form of a shale chart also indicates which player won the statement.

5 minutes measure

Increasing distance value every 5 minutes for two competitors.

Team reports

Team reports for a football coach is a summary of the data of more players on one page of the report. Data from individual individual reports have been combined into one whole. It should be remembered, however, that when players use different phones, there may be distortion in the measurement of data. We suggest using identical mobile devices to eliminate measurement errors between individual devices. In cases where this is not possible, we recommend caution when drawing conclusions.


Key parameters such as the average and maximum speed averaged for the entire team were specified in a legible manner in the content of the report.

Line intensity chart

Line chart showing the results of the whole team in one place in particular speed ranges in one place.


Team distance

The key element determining the work done by the team was specified so that the trainer could assess the training at first sight.

Additional charts

Bar charts represent the basic values of all competitors participating in a given session. The graphic form allows for quick assessment and comparison of parameters of individual players.

The team's results report is available in three different graphic versions. Additional charts and analyzes will be intensively rendered in the near future, we encourage you to suggest to us which combinations would be interesting. We promise to address every opinion.

Tabular summary

Despite the best charts, some data is better seen in numerical form.


Number of sprints

An interesting element of assessing a player's work is the counter of sprints performed during a given session.

Active heat map is a tool that allows tactical analysis of players' position relative to each other and checking the settings during the match.

Player identification

At the moment you should stop at the chosen moment and then move the mouse on the given indicator to see which player is hidden in a given place.


First version

This tool is at an early stage of development. We are working on improvements in this area.

Player view

After downloading the application, the user should log in as a player based on individual data prepared by the trainer on the analytical platform in the players tab. The application remembers login details, only when logging in for the first time an internet connection is required. Before training or a match, the player should only press START and lock the phone. The phone should go to the vest during the activity. After the session, please remove the phone and end the session by pressing STOP.

Telemetry data will be saved on the device. When the phone is transferred to the Wi-Fi range, the data will be automatically sent to the server. In case of a transfer error message, you should check the WiFi connection and try to transfer the data again.


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