LUDMO player movement analysis

Train like professionals: monitor your progress, analyze, draw conclusions, develop. Rely on data, not gut feelings.



In just a few steps, start an objective analysis of yourself or the whole team just like professional footballers do. LUDMO analytical tools give you the only such opportunity at a fraction of the cost.


Register on the platform

Create your profile, it is here that you will analyze your progress. Add a player to the platform, based on this access data you will log in to the mobile application.


Download the LUDMO application

Install the LUDMO application on your phone, then log in using your access data. Before training, press START and finally STOP. It's the whole process of collecting data.


Analyze your progress over time.

Start using analytical tools. The phone will send data automatically when it finds a WiFi network. Along with the number of trainings / matches the base of reports will grow.


See for yourself. The first 14 days are free without any obligations.

It is enough to register to the system to start the analysis of the movement on the pitch today. The only requirement is that the phone should move with the player, whether it be a pocket or a wristband, or a vest does not matter. Data will be collected.

Get started now

Mobile application is the engine of LUDMO

Mobile phone in place of an expensive sensor. This solution will significantly reduce costs and collect the required player movement data.

Distance traveled

Achieved speeds

Heat Map


Activity intensity

Progress over time

Optional heart sensor

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Frequently asked questions

What is LUDMO?

LUDMO is a shortcut from Ludius Motus – translating from Latin – “player movement”. As a project we offer professional player telemetry analytic at affordable prices.

How does LUDMO work?

LUDMO relies on standard mobile phones and the inbuilt sensors. Captured data is later transmitted to our server and analyzed.

How does the data capturing work?

We use 2 types of sensors. The first is the GPS sensor allowing to determine the speed and the covered distance. The second is the accelerometer, allowing to capture the acceleration and de-acceleration.

When telemetry data is collected?

Data is collected and saved only when the user logs into the user account and starts the session. When the STOP button is pressed, the session is terminated. From then on, the phone no longer collects any data.

What kind of statistics will the coach receive?

With the GPS module we extract the maximum and average speed of the player from each session. In addition, the distance and position of the player on the field in graphical form as a heat map.

Is it possible to monitor the player development over time?

The main advantage of our solution is to aggregate data and combine the results of individual sessions over time. As the session progresses, the coach receives a more accurate picture of the athlete.

It is possible to compare players within the team?

The coach has access to a platform, that allows to compare the results of the players of a given team and compare them with each other.

LUDMO player movement analysis

The LUDMO mobile application designed for quick analysis of player movement. This tool also gives the opportunity to supervise the development of a player in the long term.

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